Technical support
Wednesday, 29 December 2010 19:52

Phuc Minh Huy is not only a professional supplier of industrial equipment, but also providing the best services to satisfy the diverse needs of customers.

With the leading experts in the filed of electronics, automation, mechanical high technology, we always offer package solutions to satisfy all requirements from comprehensive to detail:

Counselling supervision’s solution: provide the human resources with the high level to customer’s permanent operation

- Counselling and supervision of repair
- Counselling and supervision of maintenance and replacement
- Counselling and supervision of installation and fresh.
- Counselling of designing systems.

Solution of spot: a comprehensive package solution for operation of companies and factories to ensure the business is on process as requested.

-  Package of maintenance and repair: provide the solution of repair and maintain the system device as the agreement. During period of implementation, the device is standardized to ensure for operation.
-  Installation service: provide the complete solution for all equipments of projects as customer’s demand.
-  Service of installation and repair software: editing, installing, upgrading the chair software of automatic equipments.
-  Training Service: meet the demand of improving knowledge and exchanging skills of all employees from companies and factories.